The true emotions of each character — Sethe, Denver, and Beloved — are revealed in this part of Beloved by Toni Morrison. The cover portrays the rural setting of the post-slavery era.

The title on the cover of the book is treated in two different ways to suggest separate meanings. The “Be” in Beloved is placed in red as to give importance to self-identity, which is a major theme in the novel. The “loved” part with an engraved effect represents the love that is too deep to envision.

The text in the book is typeset in Baskerville. Baskerville serves as a desirable type family for reading large amounts of text, yet I chose this type family for its high contrast in stroke widths that could work cohesively with the cover and title page typesetting.

I chose to add side quotes from the text within the margins of the pages. I felt that it further highlighted the focus on the character’s thoughts and emotions. These were quotes that I found to be powerful, short statements that could summarize some conflicts that the characters were going through, also.

My choice in paper was ivory instead of the conventional white paper. I felt that applying warmth in the aesthetic of the project could suggest the time period or the fact that this novel’s setting was placed long ago.


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