Internship Series: Nexgeneracers Website Redesign ~ Final Implementation

Internship Series: Nexgeneracers Website Redesign ~ Final Implementation

Through the past week, Rod and I added the final adjustments to the Nexgeneracers website. As I played with layout and information placement, Rod wanted to see how I took advantage of the design process. He explained that there is a research stage, an exploration stage, and an implementation stage that constitutes the design process. Gathering the information from the client, searching for precedence, and conducting research on how to best solve the problem are all in the first stage. The exploration stage is where the designer uses the information gathered to experiment with form. Finally, implementation initiates when a final form is selected and produced as the most functional solution to the problem.

Rod and I discussed the value of input for a designer, especially for a young designer. Input from the client can influence a better solution, as the client’s needs become an important parameter to work in. Being involved in this internship gives me the opportunity to receive input from experienced designers. I have realized I need to improve my frequency in asking questions when I am not sure of the best way to approach a task.

What Rod and I also reflected on was how I analyzed the information about Nexgeneracers, and used it to create the redesigned website. He did not want me to just take the information and add it to the website without any consideration of overall design. Just because I am told to add certain information to the homepage, does not mean that there is only one way to do it. Rod suggested that I should sometimes step back and assess how I can make something look more cohesive, or more intriguing than just a paragraph, or easier to understand. These seemingly small challenges still compel me to apply my visual communication skills. How can I communicate the core message behind Nexgeneracers through the website? How can I ensure that parents, directors of youth programs, and educators are getting the information they need at the right moment? These are the types of questions I need to consider throughout exploration and implementation. The way I communicate the core of Nexgeneracers might be in the images, the type, the graphics in the program logos, and the colors and textures of each component.

The Nexgeneracers website will be published at


One thought on “Internship Series: Nexgeneracers Website Redesign ~ Final Implementation

  1. Briana, thank you for your post. Yes, I hope we have brain-washed the “design process” into your whole being by now. Yes, placing form to something without the knowledge behind the reason for its form is very naive design. Many students get caught up in this “design-for-me” syndrome but without the “story” behind the “why” of the design, designing can be an empty activity. OK…so much for my wisdom. Enjoy the rest of your summer and internship at RLR.


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