Internship Series: Avon Rebranding & Wayfinding Signage ~ Client Meeting

Avon Rebranding & Wayfinding Signage ~ Client Meeting

A project that was already jump started before I started at RLR was the rebranding of Avon, along with rejuvenating a wayfinding system.

So far, the designers at RLR constructed an assessment of their observations and recommendations for Avon. It’s a spiral-bound booklet, beautifully designed, and complete with visuals that clarify findings and suggested plans. I found this very useful to read to get a feel for Avon, as I have never been to the town. It’s also good for the client to keep as an archive of elements that will influence the final project. Research tools such as surveys, statistics, graphs, and quotes from residents were all in the assessment to refer to for future development.

Precedents of town logos and city wayfinding systems were included in the assessment as well. I felt this was useful for initiating ideas on how to create sensible artifacts, but still being mindful of uniqueness.

So far, three logo options for the town were created. I attended a client meeting with two members of the Avon town council looking over the logo options. The meeting was interesting; I noted the way that Rod spoke with the council members. He pushed our recommended logo for the final choice, though we still had two other logo choices up for selection. Since all of the council still has to vote on a final, Rod and the present members plan to encourage the rest of the council to pick the recommended one. They discussed that the next council meeting be more casual so that the atmosphere feels more like a workshop, leading to a more open forum.

From this meeting, I observed in action how, in most cases, the designer has to guide the client in directions they feel work best for the project. A more weighted, and well-thought rationale for the top logo can help with making this influence. Keeping in mind, the client should feel like they are in control of the decision-making; the designer should not dominate the situation, but act as a helpful guide for the client.

I took advantage of being in the Avon area by taking pictures of key areas where our signage might go.


2 thoughts on “Internship Series: Avon Rebranding & Wayfinding Signage ~ Client Meeting

  1. Briana, thanks for your post. What an invaluable opportunity to see how a professional designer works in presenting work to a client. I’m glad to see you took note of his process. Avon is a very up-and-coming affluent area.


  2. This week: all students will write reflection #1 and e-mail it to Paula, keep it private by not posting it to your blog, (due Mon. June 8). You can find the prompt for reflection #1 with the schedule I e-mailed to your. This is just a reminder. Thanks


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