Internship Series: NXG Website ~ Schematic Design

Nexgeneracers ~ Website Design:
Schematic Design

The next step I took for the Nexgeneracer’s website redesign was prototype sketching and wireframe creation. I set aside time to experiment with how to arrange all necessary content. Rod and I discussed the NXG’s audience in the context of what they would expect from a website. In all, we stressed clarity and strategic placement of important links and information.

What I thought could differentiate the website from the other motorsports sites was possibly adding unique graphics that reflect each NXG program: NXG Experience, the Lucas Oil NXG Motorsports Academy, and the NXG Grand Prix.

Another thought Rod and I considered was giving more emphasis to the go-karts the kids would learn to drive on the website. From seeing how authentic the equipment is, this might attract the kids to the program.

NXG website wireframes


One thought on “Internship Series: NXG Website ~ Schematic Design

  1. Briana, thanks for your post. Good sketching and wire framing. Hope Aaron’s class was helpful for this. What a great strategic was to think about the “customer” and how they might be looking the website. A hard but necessary take is seeing something from the perspective of your audience—the audience that is not you. I’ll look forward to seeing the sites development.


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