Internship Series: NXG Website ~ Design Strategy

Nexgeneracers ~ Website Design:
Design Strategy

I was given the task to redesign a website for Nexgeneracers, Inc. This organization was founded by Rod Reid, who also manages RLR Associates, Inc. and my internship for the design agency.

Nexgeneracers, Inc.  is an organization that introduces youth to the world of motorsports through hands-on and classroom course settings. Children ages 11-15 get to experience the exciting, strategic, and technical aspects of racing by learning to drive go-karts that max 45 mph.

To begin my initial research about this entity, I viewed their existing website. Though it appears that the overall theme of motorsports is reflected through the website’s design, I feel it needs use some shortening on the amount of information. Also, adding contrast with color choices might help the site’s hierarchy.

Next, I did a stakeholder interview with Rod to gather his goals for the site, as well as a better understanding of the organization. He instructed me on how to ask a client questions that do not sound like recommendations, but are related to the key points that the designer must understand–what is the business strategy? what is tone of voice? who is the target audience? who is the secondary audience? who are some other existing entities in your market space? In this way, I could frame my problem space according to these answers, which will work as my parameters for the design. He suggested I work with WIX to create the site.

From there, I went to conduct further research. I started with searching for websites of other youth motorsports organizations. I found that NXG was unique among this market, as others do not go in-depth in the education of motorsports. NXG pushes math and science fundamentals that influence critical thinking skills needed for racing. Also, NXG works to develop transferable skills for the kids, such as leadership, communication, and teamwork, which can carry on in their school and career experiences. I realized that highlighting this niche could help differentiate NXG from other motorsports academies.

I created a competition analysis where I selected some of the websites from competitors, and recorded their audiences and mission statements. Then, I created a design brief stating the intent for the NXG website redesign. Rod approved of the brief, and I began working on sketches to organize the content of the site.

Competition Analysis  NXG Design Brief


One thought on “Internship Series: NXG Website ~ Design Strategy

  1. Briana, yes I can see your post and it’s great they are giving you this opportunity to help evaluate and create a website. I look forward to following your experiences.


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