2015 State of Black America: Equality Index Rises Slightly, But Racial Gap Remains Wide

Still more work to do…

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Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee Source: Kris Connor / Getty

Each year the National Urban League releases a snapshot on the State of Black America (SOBA). The report benchmarks racial equality in America across economics, employment, education, health, housing, criminal justice and civic participation. The events of past the year, including highly-publicized killings of unarmed black men by police and setbacks in voting rights, influenced the focus of the 2015 report: “Save Our Cities: Education, Jobs + Justice.

One of the most anticipated portions of the SOBA is the Equality Index of Black America, now in its 11th edition. The good news? This year Black America’s overall Equality Index has risen slightly overall.

In 2015, the index of Black America is 72.2 percent. Or looking at it another way, instead of starting with a whole pie at 100 percent— in this case, which would mean full equity in these areas with whites—African Americans are missing about 28 percent of…

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