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Visual Communications Project {Friends of the White River Rebranding}

So, has anyone heard of the Indy local non-profit Friends of the White River (FOWR)? If not, my colleagues and I are making efforts to get the word out about this highly necessary organization.

“The primary purposes of Friends of the White River are to promote the continued improvement of the quality of the river’s water, and to maintain and restore habitat and wildlife in the river and along its adjacent greenway.” – Friends of the White River

As stated their mission statement, FOWR is an organization committed to keeping Indiana’s White River clean, its surrounding wildlife thriving, and its habitats undisturbed. As this work is crucial for communities using the White River as a resource for water, not everyone realizes the personal responsibility they hold for caring for the river’s condition. Being born and raised in Indianapolis, I was not aware of how important the White River was to my life. Approximately, 60% of water used in Indianapolis comes from the White River. And currently, 80% of White River’s upper stream is infected with Ecoli. Boating on the White RiverTo improve the health of the river, the Friends take on initiatives that arguably separate them from other environmental groups. The Friends tirelessly work to orchestrate river clean ups with other organizations or groups, uniting the community in creating a dent in the amount of pollution in the river. Since the Friends of the White River began in 1985, 1.5 million tons of trash was removed from the White River.

River School Program - Friends of the White RiverNot only do the Friends engage the community in clean ups, they reach out to Indianapolis youth with their River School program. Through the River School, the Friends can involve high school inner-city kids in learning about the White River and the wildlife that depends on it. The youth, too, get a chance to partake in one of the most famous activities of the Friends — rafting on the White River. Such fun interaction with the River can inspire these future city leaders to continue to be advocates for the river. From this brief depiction of the Friends, you can see how this organization does nothing but good for Indy communities and wildlife. This is why my colleagues and I choose this group for our rebranding project. At the end of the day, any organization that wants to promote a product, a service, or a campaign needs a brand presence that sets them apart from their competition. If my colleagues and I can revamp Friends of the White River’s brand presence and awareness tactics, I cannot help but believe that they will reach audiences that they never could before. The more people involved, the more of a change we will begin to witness.

I find it appropriate to document my group’s research into defining the values, tone of voice, and visual schemes that effectively express who FOWR really is. Mostly, I want to display my understanding of the design process. I will show how I dig into finding and expressing the heart and soul of the Friends, in hopes to design a cohesive brand for them. Here, I created a mind map to visualize any associations, core values, and generally, any heart and soul terms that reflect the Friends. This will be the first of many mind maps, I’m sure.

Friends of the White River Values Mind Map


One thought on “Visual Communications Project {Friends of the White River Rebranding}

  1. A lovely article, required reading for anyone who doesn’t know FOWR by now! I have many fond memories of the White River, and I hope it gets the public attention and care it deserves. It takes the whole community to protect our environmental commons!


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